Please check these things (on Windows) for entering your node (Qtum Core Wallet) in the Full Nodes contest: A. The edited “qtum.conf” file must be located in the Qtum data directory, by default C:\Users<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Qtum. B. You can rename the “qtum.conf” file as “qtum.conf.txt” to view and edit directly, use Notepad, not any other editors. The file must be in the exact format below (with no extra blank spaces around the equals sign “=”). Fill in your Qtum Address for receiving prizes, which should be an address with a zero balance for a wallet you control (it doesn’t need to be an address for the node). uacomment=<your Qtum Address> After checking or editing the file, save and rename as “qtum.conf”. The configuration file must be in the Qtum data directory in step A above. C. Restart your wallet so it can read the new configuration file. Check Files – Debug window – Peers to see if there is a connection to “qtum5.dynu”. D. Wait 10 to 15 minutes and check your Qtum Address at A green check mark for Status means your node has successfully entered the contest. Good luck!