Qtum-cli getaccountaddress "account" and getaccount "address" produce different results

  • I'm using qtum-core wallet 0.14.11 on linux for staking.
    I wanted to send some more qtum to this wallet and just for double check, I used the command

    ./qtum-cli getaccountaddress "my_account"

    But the result address was not the one that I've used before. So I used the command

    ./qtum-cli getaccount "the_address_I've_used_before"

    and the result was "my_account".
    Same account name with the different addresses.

    And even the new address is not in the

    ./qtum-cli listaddressgroupings

    result list.

    I think it's not like a bug thing but, why is this happening?

  • qtum team

    same as bitcoin, you can do some research about bitcoin.

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