How to Resolve AOL mail Not Working Issue

  • AOL mail remains a way of communication for several professional and academic individuals all round the world. Unfortunately, like all other online mailing platforms, it's possible for you to run into some common problems when using AOL mail. Sometimes, you discover yourself wondering: is AOL mail not working? Whether you're having issues with signing in to your AOL mail account or with sending emails to your friends, family, and colleagues, here may be a little guide which will assist you to fix these issues quickly and obtain on together with your busy work with none significant delays or waiting time.
    This is not a few rare instances that we casually encounter. Every now then users find AOL Mail Not Working properly, freezing up, getting slower, and whatnot.
    Undoubtedly AOL proves to be the one among the simplest and oldest email clients presently. The all-in-one experience with emailing, browsing, instant messaging, dial-up connectivity, search and content management makes it stand out. Regardless of how accurate the mail client is, there are actually some gaps that cannot be ignored.
    So allow us to take a look at why we have errors such as AOL Mail, not working, then not responding and what are the simplest troubleshooting practices to effect such errors.
    AOL Mail Not Working on Android Devices
    The developers of the AOL Mail app have officially ended support for AOL versions below 4.4. You will no longer be able to sign in to your AOL mail account on earlier versions of the AOL App on your Android device. If you have the latest version of the AOL app on your device, follow the following steps to get rid of the problem.
    . Go to Apps list on your Android device-> Open Settings.
    . Navigate to the "Applications" or "App Management" option from Settings on your device.
    . Choose the "AOL" application from the list of the installed applications on your device.
    . Select on the "Force Stop" option and confirm it by selecting the "Yes" option when prompted.
    . This problem should be fixed by now on your Android device.
    AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone Devices
    If you are an iPhone user and are experiencing problems with your AOL mail, we have you covered with the following improvements:
    #Trick1. Remove and Restart Your AOL Account
    Just like we did in the case of the Windows Mail App, this trick can be used with any email client or OS. Follow the below steps:
    . Go to the Settings option in your iPhone >> select Accounts & Passwords and choose the AOL account
    . Next, click on Delete Account option
    Your AOL account has been deleted. Now you have to add it again with the following steps:
    . Go to Settings >> Again go to Accounts & Passwords option.
    . Now click on Add Account option
    . Lastly, Log-In using your credentials
    #Trick2. Reset the Network Settings
    Sometimes errors like AOL not working on the iPhone are caused by some problems in network settings. Below are the steps to reset your Network Settings.
    . Navigate to Settings option and hit General
    . Now select the Reset option
    . Choose the Reset Network Settings option. Your VPN / APN settings, cellular and Wi-Fi passwords, and Networks would also be reset.
    #Trick3. Turn On Airplane mode on your phone and immediately Turn Off.
    #Trick4. If the problem is still showing up, you can directly contact the Developers by visiting the help page on your iPhone.

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