QTUM Ledger wallet not reflecting Medibloc

  • Hello, my QTUM ledger wallet is not reflecting the MED coin I transferred in a couple of hours ago, is there a setting I need to change to see them?

  • qtum team

    ledger does not support qtum qrc20 tokens for now, but don't be worry, your tokens would not be lost, just wait for the software updates.
    (i am not sure when ledger would support qtum qrc20 tokens either.)

  • Thank you for the reply. Should I contact Ledger and ask them about the updates or is QTUM team already in contact with them about this problem?

  • qtum team

    @satayasat ask them yourself to get the detailed info

  • So just to confirm, I can send the MED to Qtum ledger wallet and once the update (whenever that happens) comes out, my MED will be there?

  • qtum team

    @doncoinberg yes, but i am not sure how long will ledger support this

  • Hello, following up on this discussion. I recently had the same token issue with the Neon wallet on my Ledger. The tokens were there, but the software version had not yet supported token interface. Then they updated they software (Neon, not Ledger) to version 0.8 two days ago, this update introduced a token interface and now I can see, send, and receive their type of tokens (such as DBC). My question is, if they can update their software on Ledger to support tokens why cant the QTUM team do the same thing? It is their problem to to fix in coming updates, not Ledger, correct?

  • For those who are still struggling to access their QRC20 tokens kept in their Ledger, Wannabit Wallet recently updated a function to allow users to easily manage their QRC20 tokens in their Ledger wallet.

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    To withdraw your QRC20 tokens from your Ledger, you can simply log into Wannabit, connect your Ledger (like Myetherwallet), choose your token, and withdraw it to your desired address.

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