UTXOs in Action — The Road to Offline Staking — Part 1

  • This year Qtum is hard at work building offline staking and this blog will present a series covering the design, test, and deployment for offline staking. High-level design for offline staking is underway, and this series will start with a close look at how UTXOs are used in Qtum online staking - the current system. As the design for offline staking is finished, a future blog will reprise the UTXO’s important role in Qtum offline staking.

    UTXOs (Unspent Transaction Outputs) are the fundamental unit of value on the blockchain and are carefully managed for staking in Qtum Proof of Stake. Large stakes are split into two UTXOs, smaller stakes can combine many UTXOs. Qtum offline staking will take full advantage of UTXOs.

    Read more: https://blog.qtum.org/utxos-in-action-the-road-to-offline-staking-part-1-dc717e0ab91

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