• Please assist me. I am not a "techy". I sent Qtum from Qtum wallet on 21.2.2020 to Binance but it never arrived but the wallet showed only a tiny balance left in Qtum wallet with correct amount withdrawn. I got a screen on Qtum with correct details and showing the Transaction ID as : 22d1e917f33ae91bd15db7c46405cbfc15b208ad681a2cf6ed6d99d19ea57ebc. Binance has tried to help but says there is no link with the ID. What do I do please?

  • Is your wallet version 0.18.0 or less? There was a hard fork for Qtum in October 2019, and older version wallets are not compatible with the blockchain (and exchanges) now. If it is a lower version, then please read this article and follow the instructions in it.
    After you do this, your QTUM will be returned to your wallet. +

    If you have more questions or need more live help, please join us in Qtum Telegram... t.me/qtumofficial

  • Hello

    Just wanted to say a big Thank You for your prompt and effective solution - I had spent hours trying to sort it out myself before finding you and this is a great relief to have an end to this problem. Regards Sarah

  • @Clara

    That's great news! You should come join us in our Qtum Official Telegram channel. We are always there, love to chat about Qtum, and provide tech support there also.

    Qtum Telegram: t.me/qtumofficial

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