unconfirmed transaction

  • Hi
    Over a week ago I've transferred QTUM and it's still unconfirmed. What can I do?

  • qtum team

    did you use ledger ?

  • Hi. I have a similar problem. I original sent my QTUM to the web wallet. That was all fine. Then decided to setup a QTUM desktop wallet to begin stacking. The first transaction of 1 QTUM at a low fee of .001 QTUM has not arrived, been 24 hrs. The second transaction of 5 QTUM at a default fee of .01 QTUM arrive into the desktop wallet in less than 5min. The third transaction of 9 QTUM with the same fee is still unconfirmed, been close to 11 hrs how. I can see the transaction on the explorer and the associated addresses are correct. I also used different receiving addresses to be safe. So why has the 1st and 3rd transaction not be confirmed? Appreciate and assistance. Thanks

  • qtum team

    @elfbark maybe the third tx use the first tx's output as input. so they both get uncomfirmed.

  • @codeface if so, its not something I did, but maybe in the web wallet code - unfortunately that's beyond my technical knowledge . I generated different receiving addresses each transaction. So what will happen to these transactions?

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