Staking wallet / Raspberry Pi / Doesn't seem to sync - How can I check if it does?

  • Hello there,

    I just set up a staking wallet on my Raspberry Pi and sent some QTUM there, using the latest release 0.14.12

    The transaction has already been confirmed on the blockchain but the wallet on my Pi doesn't show the updated balance, yet.

    Sure, I'll wait and be patient but reading about all those 'wallet sync problems' I started asking myself how I can check if my wallet is even trying to sync, at all.

    How to check the sync status of my wallet on a Pi? (using the latest release - 0.14.12)

    qtum-cli getinfo shows an increasing number of "blocks" on each call

    Is that an indicator that the sync process is working just fine?
    Is the sync completed when the current block size is reached?

    Any help/info would be greatly appreciated!

  • /solved

    the balance updated right away as soon as the "blocks" shown by qtum-cli getinfo reached the current number of blocks mined

    So, yes, an increasing number of "blocks" shown by qtum-cli getinfo is in fact an indicator of sync-still-in-progess.

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