Raspberry Pi Node Issue

  • I am running a raspberry pi with the QTUM Core on it. I used the pre package download from Github. The wallet is up to date and I added my address and all into the config file. I have connections showing at the bottom.

    But when I check to see if my node is online. I get the following message.

    There are no records to show

    Any help would be great.

  • Hey PiGuy, the Check page at https://galaxy.qtum.org/check may not be validating new registrations because we are between Qtum Galaxy programs right now.

    But there are some thing you can check:

    1. Running the latest version 0.18.3 of the Qtum Core wallet. If not, run the update.

    2. Check the getnetworkinfo command and look for “subversion”; “/Satoshi: 0.18.3(Q_your_prize_address)/”,

    3. Check the getpeerinfo command and look for

      "id": 0,
      "addr": "qtum5.dynu.net",

    At the top of that list.

    If your wallet meets these conditions it will register when the Full Nodes Program resumes, which is soon.

  • @jb395 said in Raspberry Pi Node Issue:


    Thanks for the reply. I check over the things you said and all looks good. So I will it again when the program starts. Thanks.

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