Severe unexpected Coin loss

  • Hi all
    I have been stacking qtum in the official wallet since 2017 with 1000 coins.
    À sudden power outage made my stacking machine shutdown.
    I've relaunched the wallet and it took hours to recompose the database.
    Now the wallet is up and running but I can only see 354 coins in it.
    The initial transaction of 1000 qtum can be seen in the transaction list but they are missing.
    What the hell happened?
    Are my coins lost?
    Thank you for your help

  • @Paulpoule we talked on Telegram and your friend helped you fix this, which was an artifact of operating an old version wallet after the hard fork on October 17th. In that case, a staking wallet can make some stakes onto a split chain, which aren't visible when you update the wallet and sync on Mainnet.

    The fix, which you did, is to reload the blockchain and clean up the wallet.dat file to remove the bad transactions. One way to do this is using the "zapwalletxes=2" command on startup, or you can also import your private key into a brand new wallet.dat file. Either way, you rescan the blockchain to pick up the "official" transactions for your wallet, and restore the correct balance.

    Read more about the recovery process for missing the hard fork in this blog

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