China Regulatory Update from Qtum Foundation

  • Qtum Foundation:

    The Qtum Foundation works closely to follow global cryptocurrency regulations and policies to operate in a compliant manner, including those most recently announced in China. On Sep. 4, 2017, Chinese regulatory departments announced regulations about initial coin offerings and trading, banning those activities in China. More recently, on November 14, 2019, regulatory departments in Shanghai announced an investigation to close cryptocurrency fundraising and trading platforms.

    This announcement emphasized the restriction on agencies providing services for oversees ICO projects and exchanges. Beijing and Shenzhen joined the campaign in the following days. Earlier this year, the Cyberspace Administration of China started two batches of blockchain information service registrations, and 506 enterprises completed the registration recording process, including the Qtum Foundation.

    Below we provide a translation of recent regulatory announcements and look forward to a time when these regulations will provide a structured and safe environment for the development of blockchain technology.

    See full article with translated regulatory announcements.

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