New wallet (0.18.1) updated but transactions/Qtum missing

  • I updated my wallet from 0.17.3 to 0.18.1 yesterday using back up file (wallet.dat) from old wallet

    New wallet synching completed but

    1. missing transactions from 6/30/2018 but did complete the synching)
    2. missing majority of my qtum (maybe due to transaction not showing up to date)
    3. does not have any of my dapp (vevue, bot, medi, Qbt etc) information

    I deleted everything (root file) and installed it again, even used a new but no luck.

    I tried File->restore->zapwallettxe=2 and restarted Qtum-qt but not fixed it.

    My old wallets 0.17.3 shows everything (up to date 11/4/2019), correct Qtum quantity and all of my Dapps (vevue, bot, medi, Qbt, etc)

    Can someone please help me?

  • Please read this article, then follow the steps and your funds should be restored...

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