Lost Funds

  • Hi
    I bought $1000 about 2years ago
    I bought Qbao somewhere (cant remember) setup the android app together with the keyphrase.
    The funds were transferred onto there. I then forgot about them

    Today i opened the app. There are no funds there. And no records of them ever being there.

    I then downloaded the qbao app again on different phone, entered the seed word. Again i see no Qbao or record of every Qbao

    Was there some coin swap or sometihng i am unaware of? How could my Qbao disappear, i havent been following the news of Qbao at all . Thank you

  • @Qtumthai EXCUSE ME - i was talking about QBAO not Qtum.
    Can you advice? Where is my missing QBAO

  • Hello Qtumthai, a few things to suggest.

    QRC20 tokens are tied to a specific Qtum address. Unless you restore that Qtum address in a wallet, you won't see any balance (QTUM or QRC20 tokens). When entering seed words to restore a wallet, make sure you are using lower case letters (NEVER CAPITAL LETTERS) and make sure there is only a single blank space between the words and no trailing blank space after the last seed word.

    You can also try restoring your mobile wallet on the Qtum Web wallet at https://qtumwallet.org/. Use the option "Restore from Mobile Wallet".

    Otherwise, we don't support the Qbao wallet and as for whether Qbao had a swap or something, check on their Telegram at https://t.me/QbaofoundationEn

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