Qtum from Evercoin to Qtum-qt seems to never arrive: lost?

  • NOOB here. However, I know Linux. Running Qtum Core version mainnet-ignition-v0.18.1 on Rasp. Pi. Blockchain sync completed a few days ago, so today I exchanged some ETH for Qtum via evercoin mobile wallet, then sent the Qtum to the address as generated in the qtum-qt receive screen. evercoin reports "completed" at 20.14 CET (about 1hr 15min ago). As I understand it, it can take quite awhile (72 hr?) for anything to show up on my Pi's wallet, but I thought one could somehow see the transaction doing something on some sort of qtum block explorer. Evercoin gives me an URL beginning with https://qtumexplorer.io/ to check it out, but it just spins and times out. Should I just wait? Or, was I missing something I sent my Qtum to oblivion?

    Thanks for any pointers.

  • @ratatosk

    Is it possible for you to get the txid? If you can get the txid, then you could check on Qtum's official explorer which is www.qtum.info

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