2 Blogs on the Upcoming Qtum Hard Fork

  • Part 1 gives a general introduction to blockchain hard forks, with some historical examples.


    Part 2 gives the details about the Qtum Hard Fork at block 466,600 on October 16.


    From Part 2: TL; DR The upcoming hard fork for Qtum 2.0 will add new smart contract capability, reduce long block spacing and increase the blocks per day, giving staking wallets a 12.5% raise. The hard fork will happen at block 466,600 (October 16 or 17, 2019) and only applies to the Qtum Core wallets Qtum-Qt and qtumd, no other wallets. While updated wallets will make the hard fork automatically, users that don’t update in time will see their Qtum Core wallets disconnected from the main network, will not be able to make transactions, and (for staking wallets) may see their coins staked on a split chain, where they are difficult to recover. There is no new coin from the hard fork, but a good chance to temporarily lose coins for staking wallets that do not update in time.

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