My Wallet Refuses to Sync

  • @QTUM So I've been trying to sync my QTUM core wallet for the past couple of days. It's remained at 0%, "connecting to peers..." and the last block time was 9/6/2017. I've tried just about everything, I've restarted my computer, re-downloaded the wallet, deleted the wallet files then re-opened the wallet, I opened port 3888. I don't know what else to do. Any ideas?
    Side note: I stupidly sent some QTUM to the receiving address of my wallet (which I did backup), and I'm hoping I'll be able to recover that QTUM when the QTUM core wallet hopefully syncs.

  • @ny42, we talked on Telegram.

    Using the "addnode" command is a way to get new wallets started talking to the Qtum network. The command that works is

    addnode add

    Once your wallet gets peer connections, it remembers them using the "peers.dat" file so your wallet will restart easily.

    For blockchain syncing, you will need to sync the entire blockchain to see your correct wallet balance, especially for recent transactions.

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