MainNet Wallet Froze During Sync - At a Stand-Still

  • While in the process of Synchronizing, my new main net wallet has stopped without any progress for about a month. Still at 13.38% progress.
    At the bottom it says it is 'Syncing Headers'. Progress synced per hour & Time left, both still say 'Calculating'.

    Is there a way to finish the synchronization process? It says 'recent transactions may not go through'...& 'Attempting to spend qtums that are affected... will not be accepted by the network'

    My interpretation is that, I am at a stand still and can't spend, buy or sell without risk that any future actions may not be accepted until a sync process (that may never end) is finished.

  • qtum team

    First, are you using the latest Qtum wallet? We had a bug previously where syncing could sometimes stop.
    Second, if you need to have a proxy configured, make sure to configure it in the settings of the wallet. If you do not need a proxy or are not sure, then you do not need to worry about this.
    Third, what OS and version of Qtum Core are you using?

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