Qtum Staking Guide: When Block Reward?

  • A common question from people staking on Qtum is: “when do I get my block reward?” and “why is it taking so long?” This blog answers these questions with a gentle introduction to probability, studying actual blockchain results, and running some simulations.

    Since Qtum block rewards are given in a random process, we used several approaches to answer the question “when block reward?” The wallet’s “Expected Time” is a probability term for the long-term average of a random process. Over many block rewards, 63% of the time a wallet will receive a block reward before the Expected Time, but the random process means that block rewards could come much sooner than the Expected Time, or much later.

    Read more https://blog.qtum.org/qtum-staking-guide-when-block-reward-4c01ea9f789b

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