Question regarding the wallet and private key

  • I have a few questions regarding how the wallet handles the private key and addresses.

    1. I believe there is a private key for each account but it is invisible from the wallet. How does this private key get generated? Is it generated when a wallet is first installed and runing on a new computer? What kind of random number generator is used to generate this private key? If I run the installation again, does it guarantee to generate a different private key?

    2. For each receiving address, is there any security risk of reusing it to send funds? I know after sending funds out the remaining funds get transfered to a new address automatically, but what if I manually transfer funds back to an address previously being used to send?

    3. I believe it is still reasuring to be able to see and access the private key, to be able to custom-generate my own private key, as well as to use the private key to access a wallet. Is there any plan to enable such feature in the future version of the wallet?

  • qtum team

    same as bitcoin

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