Lost money. Do not know why and how.

  • I have a quantum core wallet. and it was open only for staking.
    When I was looking after it I saw there was about 1100 coins missing. But the last transaction I saw, was more then 1 month ago. So, is there any possible reason and how can I look after the missing coins?

  • Hello Bibijam,

    It is rarely possible for the wallet to lose track of a stake that is made for an orphan block. An orphan block happens when a wallet publishes a new block at the same time with another wallet. One block, the orphan block, must be cancelled out. Normally, the stake from the orphan block is returned to that wallet, and you don't even notice what happened.

    Occasionally there is some disruption in returning the orphan block, and an additional tool can be used to recover the missing stake. This is discussed in the this blog about Orphan Blocks https://medium.com/@jb395official/orphan-blocks-june-16-2018-a8f4799dcc2c

    I would also encourage you to seek Qtum tech support on our Telegram channel at https://t.me/qtumofficial, which allows for more interactive troubleshooting.

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