Qtum Institute: A New Privacy Protection Protocol: Mimblewimble

  • In May 2016, an anonymous white paper introduced a privacy encryption implementation and named it Mimblewimble, whose name stems from a spell in Harry Potter that prevents people from revealing secrets.

    Unlike Zcash, which is well known to the public, Mimblewimble does not require trusted settings, and all transactions are default privacy and do not require a selection. This article focuses on how Mimblewimble achieves privacy and compares the unique advantages of the two Mimblewimble projects, Grin and Beam.

    In the white paper published by Nakamoto, the section entitled "Privacy" clearly explains the limitations of BTC privacy. If a cyber attack occurs, hackers can obtain BTC user-related data location and other data tags to "transparent" users.

    The data side description can show:

    1. Sender address

    2. Number of BTCs sent

    3. Recipient address

    Read more, use translator: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Wfrwv_ki6hIaZIwUd5oF4A

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