Lost Phone, new wallet requires Google account. Cannot receive old funds, does not recognize Google account

  • Hi Everyone,
    I lost my phone a few months back and unfortunately did not back up the information on my phone to iCloud. I had the mobile wallet during the time for QTUM and everything was fine. After I lost my phone the wallet was down for maintenance so I could not download for iOS. Once this became available to download again you needed to have a Google account in order to access. I dont believe I used a Google account to download the wallet initially and now I am not sure how to receive my funds back??... please help

  • @bigmasterv If you have saved the 12 seed words from your mobile wallet you can restore the wallet using another mobile wallet that supports Qtum, or restore the wallet on the Qtum web wallet using "Restore from Mobile Wallet". If you lost the 12 seed words, I'm sorry to say, your QTUM are lost for ever.

    See the available Qtum wallets at https://qtumeco.io/wallet

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