Blockchain Summer School Invitation in Zimbabwe

  • Hello,

    We are inviting Qtum to the University Blockchain Summer School
    ( which is to be held in Zimbabwe
    Harare at Harare institute of Technology on the 9th of November. The aim
    of the school is to focus on the application of blockchain technology in
    generating business and social value.

    In attendance will be more than 200 students from the Faculty of
    Information Science and Technology.Breaking it down there will be
    students from Computer Science program, Information Security and
    Assurance programs and IT program.

    We were hoping you could avail to us one individual with skills in smart
    contracts, who could do a presentation on what Qtum does, use cases
    to students. There will be Q and A session after the morning program so
    this also give Qtum a chance to talk about their product, get
    interests from developers and entrepreneurs from the department.

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