Lost money

  • @CodeFace did that. seems that address is not mine :-(
    "isvalid": true,
    "address": "QWwTouvAwsVrf9DZ34UdCrDvxB3yemtrnv",
    "scriptPubKey": "76a914716048bba02b91a3628ee2787414837b0ef5f1cc88ac",
    "ismine": false,
    "iswatchonly": false,
    "isscript": false
    that is really strange, coz when i sent it from bittrex, qtum was shown in my wallet before that syncing issues appeared. so does it really mean that all my qtum (13) are lost?
    would the wallet show a warning if my wallet-backup is broken?
    thanks for your time man.

  • @CodeFace for my tx from bittrex i used 4 seperate qtum-wallet addresses like it is recommended. but all 4 addresses doesn't belong to me anymore. that is really sad ...

  • qtum team

    @stban sorry to hear that, how did you get your address when withdraw from bittrex ?

  • @CodeFace not sure if i understand your question right. before i withdrawed my qtum from bittrex i opened the qtum-wallet and got a receive-address. then i copy and paste it to bittrex.
    and on bittrex there i have a withdraw-history which is showing the qtum-addresses. as i mentioned before, every single of the 4 tx went fine and qtum showed up in my wallet. but now even the tx-history in my wallet is empty. so i really have no clue.

  • @codeface Happy New Year. Wanna say thank you, that you had taken time to response to my issue. Appriciate that alot. Bought more qtum because the project is awesome and team is working hard.

  • qtum team

    @stban Thank you and Happy New Year !

  • Hi, @stban Did you ever get your wallet situation figured out? I had the same thing happen to me but on the Android platform. I'm hoping there is something the devs can do to help me.

  • @ryany hey ryan, unfortunately not. my qtum-wallet still displays zero balance and except of @CodeFace , no dev from the team respond to my issue. I still not figured out if it is a bug, or i did something wrong. I also downgraded the wallet back to the previous version where my qtum was displayed correct, but sadly it didn't change anything. So i accepted that my qtum is lost, as it is shown in the blockchain, but didn't belong to my wallet-address anymore. Hope someone from the devs can help you out with your problem, and i hope that it wasn't a big amount you put in your wallet.

  • qtum team

    @ryany did you backup your seed words ?

  • @ryany did you get back your qtum? and if so, what have you done to solve the problem? cheers

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