Qtum 0.16 launched!

  • This is a very important update, one of the most important during our first year. This is the first version that enables Segwit by default, it'll serve as a ground base for the future of Qtum.

    Here's the release page on our github:

    Some specific highlights:

    v0.16.0 - Upgrade Qtum core to bitcoin core 0.16 and bug fixes

    • Upgrade Qtum core to bitcoin core 0.16 including segwit wallet, bech32 addresses, HD-wallets by default and more
    • Fix a bug where contract transactions with no change would fail in some cases
    • Fix a display bug where multiple logs would not show corretly in Qt wallet
    • Update gitian build scripts to support ubuntu bionic as building host
      Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian and Arch Linux repositories have been updated!
      Please take a look at our documentation on how to use these repositories: (https://docs.qtum.site) at https://docs.qtum.site

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