Wallet recovery after loss of DAT file

  • After setting up an encrypted wallet and giving it a QTUM balance, my OS crashed and I lost my last backup of wallet.dat. Is there a way to salvage or otherwise recover the wallet?

    I have only the wallet address, passphrase, and blockchain tx data. The balance is in the wallet, but before any further tx I will need to reconstruct the wallet.dat file so I can restore.

    Please help. Alternately, please advise me that my failure to keep another backup of wallet.dat is an irreparable blunder.

  • The wallet.dat file contains the encrypted pivate keys. Without that file, all is lost. Do you have any earlier (unencrypted) versions of the wallet.dat file? You could try a disk recovery utility or maybe SpinRite https://www.grc.com/sr/spinrite.htm but without recovering the wallet.dat file, all is lost. If it was a signicant amount you could also try a commrecial disk recovery serivce, but the good ones will be expensive and there are no guarantees of successful recovery.

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