Enabling Coin Control to Select Coins to Send

  • On Qtum Telegram, someone was asking about sending QTUM from a wallet with UTXOs (inputs) in multiple addresses:

    “From my Core wallet, I have 5 address. Let’s say there are 100 QTUM in each address with total 500 QTUM. If I send 130 QTUM which address will be deducted first?”

    With the Qtum UTXO model, the wallet will select multiple unspent transactions (inputs) > 130 QTUM to send, and receive back the change on a new “change address” it also provides. For example, if the wallet selected inputs with 150 QTUM, it would receive 20 QTUM back on the new change address.

    To override this automatic behavior, you can go to Settings – Options – Wallet and select “Enable coin control features”. This will let you manually select the INPUTS (transactions to send). You can also select “Don’t use change address” if you want the change returned on an existing address. This degrades your privacy slightly, because it is easier for people to see your transactions on the blockchain.

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