Qbao Network Weekly Announcement(1st August)

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    Existing App Development Progress
    While docking the SDK with Playcoin, we also started the docking with the Under World game project team last week. The docking is not only limited to the JS SDK docking, but also the integration of the native SDK. We are also very honored to work with the Under World game project team on embedded development.

    Last week, at the final stage before the release of v3.4, we fixed and optimized some of the remaining issues, including:
    Optimized Qbao payment scientific notation;
    Fixed a bug that some devices showed abnormal banners when they entered event pages.
    Fixed a bug that some devices showed incorrect currency conversion balance;
    Fixed a bug that project information was not displayed;
    Optimized help center structure;
    Optimized the message loading failure in the App;
    Optimized the message when you cannot withdraw tokens;
    Optimized the skin;

    Backstage Development Progress

    Last week’s main job was to optimize the background code and fix some bugs:
    Added the function for the merchant platform to search on the merchant order number;
    Added displays filtered by cryptocurrency and fee;
    Optimized Payx payment support for ETH and ETH tokens;
    Fixed a bug where the merchant platform refund number could be duplicated.

    Marketing and Operation

    1. Qbao Network team was invited to participate in the Bodhi Asia Tour Meetup
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    The Qbao Network team was invited by the partner Bodhi to participate in the “Bodhi Asia Tour Meetup” held in Bangkok, Thailand. On the same day, Qbao Network, Bodhi and INK delivered speeches.

    1. Qbao Network and Cointime Media reached a strategic cooperation, which will further promote mutual development.
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    2. Qbao Network will further strengthen cooperate with PlayCoin to create a complete payment system. Currently, Qbao can successfully dock with PlayCoin. Users will be able to purchase Starbucks and Burger King products with cryptocurrency in version 3.4 to experience the fun of payment.

    3. In addition to payment, Qbao Network will open a new game platform with PlayGame. We will launch PlayGame in version 3.3.1, so that everyone can experience more different blockchain games.


    1. Qbao Network 3.4 version will start closed beta test on Aug1. V3.4 will have the ETH asset management! Extra-high-yield asset management will be opened during the closed beta test!
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      Apply details can be seen on:

    2. Qbao Network 3.3 asset management is in full swing. Thank you for your support. We will continue to open Qtum and Qbao asset management products at 10 and 16 o’clock UTC+8. In addition, we will prepare the list on Friday. Next week, 200,000 LFT airdrop awards will be awarded.
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