spending token from core qtum wallet -> problem

  • Hello,
    I own some tokens that I have sent on the core qtum wallet. Same address has some qtum as well, not just the tokens. I have tried to move them on another address making the gas price higher, but still it doesn't work.
    On https://explorer.qtum.org/address/ everything looks fine about owning, except that when I try to move tokens From wallet, the wallet simply says nothing. It works moving Only qtum.
    What could be the problem?
    Thank you very much!

  • Hello im,

    I may have talked with you on Telegram (as Jackson). If so, you found this problem was caused by an old "Reserve" setting in the wallet, set higher than the coins available. Reserve allows the wallet to hold back a quantity of coins from staking, and seems to interfere with sending tokens in this case. I will file an issue with the wallet developers to add an appropriate error message.

    If that wasn't you, and you still have a problem sending tokens, please revert and we can take a look.

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