Top up QTUM while staking?

  • Hi guys,

    finally qtumd is staking (^_^)b

    My question:
    I would like to top up my qtumd wallet in a regular fashion, say each month 1x.

    Can I just send QTUMs to the wallet address while qtumd is staking and wait for the coins to mature?

    Or do I need to restart the service manually after 500 blocks to increase my active stake?

    Also appreciate if there is a staking manual / document available which explains this.

    Many thanks!

  • Hello CryptoFlow,

    Yes, you can additional QTUM to your staking wallet, and after 500 confirmations their value will be added to your staking wallet weight. No restart necessary. There is no documentation that goes to this level of detail.

    There is a section on staking in this user reference, and please see the section on best practices.

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