Qbao Crypto-asset Management! Available on Qbao Network v3.3

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    Qbao Network v3.3 is finally released, get updated and check out Qbao Crypto-asset Management!
    Preview of Qbao Network v3.3 new added functions
    1, Crypto-asset Management - - Token Bank;
    2, Token Search Function available on Qbao Network;
    3, Token Switcher removed;
    4, The default image is added to the image of the Qbao Network mascot;
    5, Feedback of participated events.
    Expecting these new added functions? Just a moment, here's the instructions of Token Bank for you to fully experience the Qbao Crypto-asset Management!!
    The Crypto-asset Management products have been opened in three kinds of QBT products (A/B/C) and two kinds of Qtum products (A/B).
    In addition, Qbao users can not only purchase the asset products listed above, but also join the "Qtum PoS Mining Pool":
    And it's not over yet!!!! There are extra LFT Airdrops coming as well with Qbao Crypto-asset Management!!!
    300 thousand LFT Airdrop for QBT Token Management products
    300 thousand LFT Airdrop for Qtum Token Management products
    200,000 LFT Airdrop will be distributed every two weeks according to the amount of QBT and Qtum increment products have been purchased by the user within two weeks.
    Get Qbao Network App updated via Google Play or Apple Store immediately.
    Always back up your Mnemonics, and keep it in a safe place.
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