error synchronising to the network depsite downloading to latest version

  • HI i have an error on my qtum wallet that keeps popping up around 85 % synchronising and it says error reading from database shutting down and thus i cant do anything on my wallet please help


  • Hello chilllerfunk, for this situation (where the wallet gets stuck with the synchronization) I recommend deleting the local copy of the blockchain and starting over. The whole sequence is given in Question 6 step 5 of this blog (

    1. Do this next step only if you have good wallet.dat backups. With the wallet stopped, delete the blockchain (folders: blocks, chainstate, database, and stateQtum — in the same “Qtum” folder as the wallet.dat file). This will cause your wallet to reload the entire blockchain when you restart. Don’t worry, the blockchain holds your coin/token balance, with 7,000+ copies worldwide. This step is effective if your wallet gets stuck syncing part way through the blockchain.

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