Qbao Foundation Announcement

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    Dear Qbao Network users:

    Qbao Network has always been keeping clam and currying on to make a Smart Crypto-wallet. This Friday, Qbao Network version 3.3 will be officially released to the public. During the internal testing period of Qbao Network v3.3, the asset management products are very popular with everyone (the asset management products in test version are only available for QBT holders). Qbao Network will support asset management services for more various digital-currency after the official launch of Qbao Network v3.3.

    Recently, we learned from the community that some people is maliciously defaming the Qbao project and simultaneously shorting QBT in the market to cause price volatility and cause a negative influence to the community and investors. Qbao team is investigating the determine causes of the issue.

    At the same time, Qbao Network solemnly declares here:

    The Qbao Foundation has never participated in any QBT sales transaction at all, and has never tried to manipulate the market. It is even more impossible to start the so-called “Additionally Issued QBT”. The total amount and circulation of QBT are completely transparent and can be approved on https://qtum.info/ and coinmarketcap.

    At present, Qbao team is working properly and is constantly improving and optimizing its products according to the roadmap. The official version of Qbao Network 3.3 will be launched this week, please feel assured that we will abide by our promise, and you can always contact us in various ways.

    Qbao Network’s recent road map:

    June, 2018: Asset Management System Completion

    DApp Store Release

    July, 2018: Payment Gateway and Settlement System Completion

    Open APInterface

    APP Theme
    September, 2018: Financial Supply and Demand Chain System Completion

    December, 2018: Cooperating with Offline-merchants and Online-games/entertainment Platforms to Create a Complete Digital-currency Application Scenario.