Chen Lin, the founder and CEO of Qbao Network, is Honored with Mentor Title in the Blockchain Course of Xi'an Jiaotong University

  • On July 12th, Qbao Network co-founder and CEO, Chen Lin was invited by the Node blockchain accelerator to be the mentor of "Blockchain Principles and Applications" course in Xi'an Jiaotong University. He displayed and explained the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency wallet knowledge to hundreds of college students.

    "Blockchain Principles and Applications" course is developed by "Intelligent Blockchain Technology Research Laboratory" and "Blockchain Technology and Legal Innovation Research Laboratory" of Xi'an Jiaotong University. The labs are jointly affiliated with the School of Electronics and Information Engineering and the School of Software. The course is organized by the Node blockchain accelerator. Li Jin, Liu Chang, Chen Lin, Boer Feimo, Li Mingze and other well-known experts were invited to give the most professional, rigorous and comprehensive curriculum content for students to truly understand the blockchain.

    alt textQbao Network Chen Lin was invited to become a Node blockchain accelerator special tutor

    The blockchain course was launched from July 10th to July 13th, followed by a two-day hackathon. After the course opened, it received strong support from many well-known blockchain projects and domestic mainstream media organizations. It also received strong support from the Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Resource Coordination Center and Xi'an Beilinhuan University-based Innovation Industrial District.
    Chen Lin, the founder and CEO of Qbao Network, said that the shortage of talents in the blockchain industry is becoming a problem. Universities need to launch blockchain courses. Foreign universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Princeton have successively opened blockchain courses. As a university with a blockchain course in China, Xi'an Jiaotong University has injected new vitality into China's blockchain technology field. He believes that more universities will join this team in the future.

    alt text

    Chen Lin firstly introduced the students of the cryptocurrency. Then he explained why Bitcoin is the best example of the application of blockchain technology. Subsequently, Chen Lin mentioned that the fast development of cryptocurrency will inevitably lead to the development of cryptocurrency wallets. Future cryptocurrency wallets will have the following directions: 1, balancing the wallet security and user experience; 2, supporting cross-chain multi-cryptocurrency; 3, cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency asset management, and cryptocurrency payments. Then Chen Lin also introduced token economy from the perspective of game design.

    alt text

    Finally, he also said that Qbao Network's vision is to become the Key to the Blockchain Cosmos. Qbao Network will continue to promote the advancement of blockchain technology, constantly update and optimize Qbao product, and create safe, easy-to-use and powerful cryptocurrency wallets for users.