I have not received tokens for 3 months

  • Staking over 1600+ qtum
    Using Mac - qtum-core (Qtum Core version v0.14.15.1 (64-bit))
    Wallet is encrypted, Pad lock is unlocked for staking only.

    Internet connection 24/7, no sleep mode (password locked).

    Initial qtum sent to wallet has 5450+ confirmations.

    Anyone idea's whats happening and why im not seeing any rewards?

  • You should update your wallet to the latest version 0.15.2 (make sure you have a good backup of your wallet.dat file first).

    To determine if your Qtum Core wallet is staking correctly check these things:

    1. Syncing to the latest block, hover over the little checkmark icon in the lower right-hand corner of the wallet. This assumes your wallet has multiple peer connections (8 typical for the Qtum-qt wallet).

    2. Unlocked for staking only (which you have) hover over the little padlock icon (which will show the hasp slightly open for “unlocked for staking only”).

    3. Computer clock set within a few seconds of correct time. Check using the “getinfo” command.

    Provided your wallet has this configuration, you just have to wait for the block reward, which due to the random nature of the block reward lottery could come in the very next block (but very unlikely) or people have reported up to 8 or 9 times the expected time, which could be three months for your wallet.

  • The settings of the wallet and the computer are correct.

    Once (3 months ago) I even got a reward (it took 3 weeks). But after that, the wallet is online for more than 3 months, and there is no reward.

    Could this be due to the presence in my subnet of another wallet with a larger (more than me) qtum volume? On the other wallet remuneration received on a regular basis.

  • Same -- had my first reward in a few weeks. Since then, with an expected reward time of generally 24-30 days, I have received nothing for about 5 months. This seems statistically near-impossible.

    I have kept the wallet updated, and the wallet gives all indications that it is successfully staking.


  • Statistically, winning random events follows the binomial distribution. As painful as it is, there are people staking Qtum that will not receive rewards until they are out in the far tail of that distribution, the last few percent (out past 6 on the drawing below). This means their spacing for a block reward will be 8x or 10x the expected reward time. There are others that will receive block rewards much sooner than their expected time. This is the nature of decentralized miners using random processes, but it doesn't make it any easier when you are waiting :-(

    0_1535193980726_ScreenHunter 1578.jpg

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