Qbao Network Weekly Announcement (11th July)

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    Development progress:

    Native App Development
    The main focus during the last week was to continue the development of v3.4.
    The following is the main progress:
    1, Skin & Theme, icons, and background images switching added;
    2, Payment function SDK. To cooperate with the partners further, we started the developing the SDK payment, realizing the embedded of Android, iOS and H5, integrating Dapp payment for online payment.
    3, Feedback center optimized to achieve the interface clearer and more concise;
    4, Token project introduction in multi-language supported;
    5, Japanese and Korean system optimized.

    At the same time, according to the feedbacks fromv3.3 closed beta test, the following modifications were made:
    1, Password strength and difficulty increased;
    2, Token Bank product optimized;
    3, Timer differences for different time zones fixed.

    Front-end Development
    Coinx introduces our token-to-token exchange cases and related partners.

    Backstage Development

    Issues of v3.3 internal test are as following:
    1, Lock-in listing orders optimized;
    2, The remaining number of lock-in product fixed;
    3, Lock-in period timer fixed;
    4, Lock-in refund time modified.

    For the v3.4 version, the main progress of the backstage is as follows:

    1, The payment function can be run under SDK, and ready for the closed beta phase;
    2, QBag ETH recharge and withdraw;
    3, The stability of the lucky bonus optimized;
    4, LFT and LYM are now supported on Qbao.

    Marketing and operations

    1, On 7th July 2018, Qbao Network co-founder and COO, Nathan Sun, was invited to participate in the “Internet Finance Times SME Investment and Financing Policy Forum” conference held in Hangzhou.
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    2, Qbao Network and Digital Finance collaborates to provide users with the newest cryptocurrency news
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    Recently, Qbao Network held its first meeting in Japan in Tokyo. Qbao Network wallet products highly attracted the Japanese cryptocurrency market. After the meeting, many Japanese currency media interviewed Nathan Sun, co-founder and COO of Qbao Network.

    3, Qbao Network App is online on Baidu app, Vivo App store, and Xiaomi App store.

    Qbao Network and Linfinity collaborate to airdrop LFT
    to learn more:
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