Rising Star Lympo’s token is integrated on Qbao Network

  • QbaoNetwork, the Smart Crypto-wallet, aims to build the blockchain ecologic platform and to create the entrance to blockchain world. Recently, Qbao Network and Lympo have reached a series of consensus on cooperation. Lympo’s ERC-20 token, LYM, is now supported on Qbao Network.

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    Along with development of the times and progress of the society, people are paying more attention to their own health. To acquire personal health data becomes a concern for many people. To keep healthy, taking physical exercise is the best way. Therefore, combining sports with health data is what people in today need. Lympo has been solving this problem. For the first time, Lympo applies blockchain technology in collecting data of users sport activities and healthy condition. Lympo has been as known as a rising project with a huge community and tech support, and it has been ranked as one of the Top10 projects in 2018 with the highest return on investment globally.

    In order to build a diversified ecological platform of blockchain, Qbao Network has always been fervent to other teams for reaching further cooperations, and it is also both the reason and the goal of the agreement on cooperation between Qbao Network and Lympo, to contribute to the diversification of the blockchain ecosystem.

    At present, Qbao Network V3.3 is during its closed beta test. During the period, Qbao token asset management service has been in short supply. In this cooperation, both parties will deeply integrate with each team and provide more opportunities in token asset management service to benefit the public.

    Lympo’s DApp will be released on September, meanwhile, Qbao DApp Store will also support Lympo DApp and its token. It is believed that Qbao Network and Lympo can create a better future of blockchain ecosystem.

    Lympo introduction:

    Lympo is a company specializing in monetizing sports and health data via blockchain.

    The LYM token (based on ethereum) had risen 600% in just three months, and so it is among the top 10 ICOs with the highest ROI(Return On Investment) in the world, in 2018, according to Cryptonews.com and ICO Analytics.

    When Lympo App launched in this September, users will be rewarded in two ways. First, they will be able to do fitness challenges, created by sponsors (sports companies, gyms, and etc) and after completing the challenge they will get a certain amount of LYM tokens. Second, users can allow to make their exercise data available to companies (sports apparel/equipment companies, health insurance companies, and etc) who want to use user’s real data and the users will be awarded LYM too. The company understands that their target users are interested in sports and fitness and so Lympo has focused on partnerships with sports influencers. As a result, they signed a partnership with women’s tennis world superstar Caroline Wozniacki (2nd in the world ranking) in April and also signed a major partnership deal with the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks in May. LYM is listed in Bitfinex, Hadax, Bitforex, Gate.io, Kucoin, Cobinhood, Idex, Allbit and Now Qbao Network too.

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