Qbao Network and Bodhi: We Share the Wisdom of the Future

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    The prediction of the future is one of the earliest human desires. The predicting ways and methods have also been evolved for thousands of years. With the development of historical experience and the progress of science and technology, the combination of blockchain and prediction market will also have an indispensable effect on human society.

    Recently, Qbao Network and Bodhi has reached a cooperation on decentralized prediction market to create a new predicting ecosystem, a fair investment environment for all the participants. Meanwhile, Qbao Network, the Smart Crypto-wallet, now supports both Bodhi ERC20 (BOE) and QRC20 (BOT)tokens.

    Qbao Network is a multi-functional cross-chain smart crypto-wallet, designed to create a diversified ecological blockchain platform, and it aims to be the key to the blockchain cosmos. Bodhi, as a brand-new decentralized prediction market based on blockchain, is committed to creating a transparent, trustworthy, autonomous and expandable global prediction market. Through the wisdom of the group, the prediction will become much more valuable and influential for the society.

    As early as in March, Qbao Network wallet launched Mini Qtto game and well-responded form the market. To provide users with richer and more exciting contents, to create a decentralized predicting community, allowing people to place and invest in predictions in a unique way, Bodhi will be launched on the Qbao DApp Store soon. It will allow all participants to publicly place fair predictions. This is a big step in blockchain technology for Qbao Network to reach consensus with Bodhi to jointly develop the predicting market. The combination of blockchain and prediction has a wide range of applications in insurance industry, futures trading, sports, information management, and many other industries.

    The cooperation between Qbao Network and Bodhi conforms to expectations of the general public.

    Join us and share the wisdom of the future.