First Experience on Version 3.3 to Take Super-high Profits with Asset Management

  • Token-to-token exchange on closed beta test 3.2 has just ended. Do you want one more round closed beta test? If you feel that rewards on version 3.2 are not enough, here comes version 3.3 closed beta test with asset management function. In total of 57,528 QBT reward pool is waiting for you! Here is a secret: in order to reward frequent users in closed beta test, the earnings from asset management in beta version 3.3 will be more than up to 7 times of the official version.

    Asset management function will be the much-anticipated function in the release of version 3.3 . From now on, we decide to recruit 300 users worldwide in our second phase of closed beta test.

    **Sign-up period: 19th June- 25th June

    Closed beta test: 27th June- 13th July

    Recruitment scope: 300 users worldwide using Qbao Network App

    Registration conditions:**

    QBT in Qbao wallet ( Qbag included) is more than zero. Share the following poster to more than three communities. (Telegram/Facebook/twitter/Instagram)

    alt text)

    To apply for a closed beta test:

    Enter the “Me” page on the latest version 3.1.3. of QbaoNetwork and click on the “Common Problem”. At the bottom, you will find a “feedback” button. After click “contact us”, fill in the required sign-up information in the blank. Click Submit to finish the sign-up. The specific steps are shown in the following pictures.

    ![alt text](image url)

    Sign up Instruction for Android users :

    The mobile device model and brand name
    Region and location
    Email address:
    For Apple iOS users please provide apple ID emails.
    Android users provide Google Play account or email address which we can contact and check your email later.

    How to give feedbacks during closed beta test?

    Send emails to: [email protected]

    Title: Feedback on Beta Version 3.3

    Content: Qbao ID+ mobile phone device model+ mobile phone system version + problems encountered / suggestion + screenshots or recordings.

    (Detailed feedback helps us solve problems more quickly.)

    We will reward users in closed beta test. The reward will include but not limited to tokens, bonus earnings on asset management, Qbao mascot, and other Qbao souvenir. You will regret it if you miss this event.

    The above event awards are only applicable to the 300 users in the world that we select. Meanwhile, the selected users must actively use our internal testing function. If they do not open for a long time or do not use the 3.3 beta version, we have the right to cancel the qualification for closed beta test.

    Please firstly make sure to backed up the mnemonics. Otherwise, you will not be able to import your wallet after installing the beta version.

    The final interpretation of this activity is owned by the QbaoNetwork team.