Awards on Closed Beta Test of Qbao Network Version 3.2

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    Dear Qbao community members,

    Qbao Network closed beta test version 3.2 has come to the end.

    In this test,

    1. In total 168 people participated.

    2. A total of 1726 transactions were occurred.

    3. Participants in the closed beta test proposed 112 effective suggestion.

    4. Reward 42472 QBT in total.

    Your support and encouragement will always be the driving force for our improvement. We announce the award rules and the list of this closed beta.

    Version 3.2 Closed Beta Test Rewards and Lists

    1. Fundamental Rewards: If you are one of 200 closed beta qualified applicants and installed the beta package but had no token-to-token exchanges, you can have 10 QBT rewards.

    2. If you had token-to-token exchange transaction records, reward priority will be given to equal compensation for the transaction fees consumed during the closed beta test period.

    3. According to the number of token-to-token exchange transactions, 10 QBTs will be awarded for each transaction.

    4. Bonuses for top ten frequent testers for token-to-token exchange transactions:

    First place: Qbao ID45925177 Reward 5000 QBT

    Second place: Qbao ID445899 Rewards 2000 QBT

    Third place: Qbao ID22996685 Reward 1000 QBT

    Fourth-Five: Qbao ID19537063 12147471 Reward 500 QBT

    Sixth to Seventh: Qbao ID768983 70797481 Reward 300 QBT

    Eighth — Tenth: Qbao ID 833075 50648191 51085554 Reward 100 QBT

    Reward 42472 QBT in total. Thank you for your active participation. Thank you for your valuable suggestion. We will continuously improve our products and user experience.

    Regret that not in the closed beta test of version 3.2? Do not worry! While the first phase of the test came to an end, version 3.3 with asset management function is coming soon! 57,528 QBT is remaining in the closed beta test reward pool and is waiting for your application for closed beta test.