Orphan Block Tutorial

  • This time we revisit the topic of orphan blocks, when two wallets win a block reward at similar times and both publish blocks.

    We look at two questions for orphan blocks:

    Who got an orphan block?
    Did my wallet get an orphan block, and what should I do about it?
    We turn to a familiar friend to help answer these questions: the wallet’s debug.log file.
    I’ll admit this is a specialized topic of interest to only a few people.
    If you are blockchain-curious please read on.
    If you think you have mined an orphan block you must read on.
    If you have a general interest in the blockchain and bad blockchain jokes, it’s up to you.
    See the blog on Medium https://medium.com/@jb395official/orphan-blocks-june-16-2018-a8f4799dcc2c

  • Also saw a case recently where the Explorers reported different balances for an address that had staked an orphan block reward, but they seem to correct over time.

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