Making Peer Connections with the addnode Command

  • If your wallet is having trouble making peer connections after restarting or upgrading, the "addnode" command may help. With this command you can request your wallet to connect with a node at a specific IP address. But what IPs should you use?

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    A good source of peer IP addresses for the addnode command is, where they are list “getpeerinfo” data from their Qtum node. To use the IP addresses from this site, and enter them on the Debug window Console as

    addnode add

    (this is a made up IP address, you should use actual IP addresses from coinexchange . io)

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    The correct response to the addnode command is “null”, and then your node will try for a minute or two to connect to the peer at that IP address. You can try manually adding 5 or 10 peers. Check the progress in the Debug window - Peers screen.

    See more info about using the addnode command in this blog

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