QBT Rewards on App Reviews

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    Qbao Network, as the entrance to the blockchain world, has so far already had 5 million registered users. To spread the influence of Qbao Network and let more people know about the App, we invite community members to leave reviews to Qbao app on Google Play and App store. We will award 5 QBTs. It is your show time! Please do not hesitate to give full star and detailed reviews.

    Event Rewards: 5QBT (Limit to first 100 detailed reviews)


    1. Review on Google Play or App store in more than 15 words

    2. Upload a screenshot and fill in the form in the following link http://cn.mikecrm.com/WGSIpkK

    Note: Comments cannot be submitted twice. If there are duplicates, we will pick the first one.

    Get 5 QBTs with little efforts! That’s right. What are you waiting for? The top 100 reviews are running out! Your support and encouragement are the driving force for our improvement. Participants in the event will be given the priority to apply for the closed beta test of Qbao Network v3.3 with asset management. Sign up quickly !