Weekly Announcement 5 June 2018 to 12 June

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    Development Progress

    QbaoNetwork v3.3
    Assets Management function close to complete;
    Total balance display optimized;
    Event feedback added;
    Japanese supported in Qtto Mini Game;
    Token search added;
    Japanese Yen added;
    Guide page ads supported.

    QbaoNetwork v3.2
    Bugs fixed and system optimized.

    Current Events

    1.Gateio trading competition of QBT is still going on, 90 thousand QBT bonus is waiting to be claimed.
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    The share ratio of QBT:
    (1)The first prize:20,000 QBT
    (2)The second prize:10,000 QBT
    (3)The third prize:5,000 QBT
    (4)The remaining 97 traders will share 55,000 QBT based on their QBT trading volume.
    The top 100 QBT traders will share 90 thousand QBT according to their exchange volume, to learn more: https://gateio.io/article/16495

    2.Qbao Telegram Invitation Airdrop Event is still going on!!
    To join QbaoNetwork Invitation Airdrop, please:
    Step 1. Invite your friends to one of Qbao telegram groups and take screenshots of it
    English: https://t.me/QbaofoundationEn
    Chinese: https://t.me/Qbaofoundation
    Korean: https://t.me/QbaocommunityKr
    Step 2. Fill out the form and submit it at http://cn.mikecrm.com/Gvn197k
    Step 3. Wait for the official staff to review the form. The staff will count the actual number of new invitee after the event is over. We will reward community members with valid invitations.
    More details: https://medium.com/@Qbao2339/qbaonetwork-invitation-airdrop-3ef7f5c4cfd7

    3.The closed beta test for Qbao Network v3.3 is coming soon
    The beta test for Qbao Network v3.2 will end on 15th this week.
    The close beta test of v3.3 with asset management function is coming soon. Please follow Qbao Network official channel to learn more and participate.

    Marketing and Operation

    1.The 4th Big Chen's Blockchain Talk - - "Crypto-token wallet and its future" was satisfactorily settled on 9th June;
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    2.Qbao Network was invited to join GBLS (Global Blockchain Leadership Summit) 2018 in Hangzhou;
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    Qbao Network founder and CEO Chen Lin and co-founder and COO Nathan Sun were invited to attend the 2018GBLS held on June 6 in the International Conference and Exhibition Center of Yunxi Hangzhou.

    3.Qbao Network was invited to join BAIC weekend salon;
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    The globe strategy director of Qbao Network Shi Tracy was invited to the weekend salon and brought a speech of "The Era of Token Economy and Digital Currency".
    Qbao foundation