How to check if your wallet is setup correctly for staking

  • To determine if your qtum-qt desktop GUI Core wallet is staking correctly check these things:

    1. Syncing to the latest block, hover over the little checkmark icon in the lower right-hand corner of the wallet. Look for "Up to date, Processed xxx,xxx block(s)" where an Explorer will also confirm the current block height.

    2. Unlocked for staking only, hover over the little padlock icon (which will show the hasp slightly open for “unlocked for staking only”).

    3. Computer clock set within a few seconds of correct time. Check using the “getnetworkinfo” command and look for “timeoffset” to be zero seconds or within a few seconds.

    Provided your wallet has this configuration, you just have to wait for the block reward, which due to the random nature of the block reward lottery could come in the very next block (but very unlikely) or up to 5 to 9 times the expected time.

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