BiNGO and QbaoNetwork has reached cooperation on the cryptocurrency game "QTUM HEROES "

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    Pan-entertainment platform BiNGO and QbaoNetwork , the Smart Crypto-wallet, has reached cooperation to build up a worldwide ecological environment of blockchain entertainment. The current cooperative project is “QTUM HEROES”, the first digital currency game with specific game play.

    BiNGO and QbaoNetwork will open comprehensive cooperation on “QTUM HEROES” base on both advantaged areas. The development team of BINGO will do the technical support part, which has excellent experience with the project to be the third party game launched on all Tencent platforms. Qbao with over 5 million registered users, the top 2 wallet APP in downloads rank of Google Play Korea, will offer traffic, users and community support.

    “QTUM HEROES” game website: (global servers, multiple languages support)

    Background Introduction
    BiNGO.FUN, the technical team MOB ARTS is invested by Tencent, which has 8 years experience in development, they built the first game licensed by all platforms of Tencent called “全民英雄“。 The first month it downloads over 50 million times with 800 million RMB. In the last 2 years all products were featured several times by Google Play Store world widely, were loved by people all over the world. Recently BiNGO platform also establishes “League of Ecological Gravity for EOS Games” with EOS Gravity Area and EOS Beijing. It is said that EOS Gravity Area and EOS Beijing will fully support the league with communities, users, capitals and resources. “777” belonged to BiNGO is the first digital currency named with Numbers in worldwide. In overseas, people consider 7 as a lucky number, “777”,the luckiest number was so called as “ Lucky token”! Now “777”is online at BIT-Z, the №7 Exchange in the world and the trading rank is always on the top 3.

    QbaoNetwork is a Smart Crypto-wallet which is developed based on blockchain, with multiple functions like cross-chain tech, to server users all over the world.

    And “QTUM HEROES” is one of its landing project.

    Since the releasing of QbaoNetwork app, it owns over 5 million registered users, and becomes the top 2 digital wallet APP in downloads rank of Google Play Korea. It will become the entrance of global digital currency with the function of financial service. The clients of Qbao Network are from all over the world, such as Korea, China, U.S., Japan, and Malaysia etc..

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