I can't see my balance with qtum-cli

  • 1 - I installed qtum from the repository on Ubuntu 17.10.
    2 - I started qtum daemon with qtumd -daemon
    3 - I got my address with qtum-cli getaccountaddress ""
    4 - I used this address to send Qtum
    5 - On Qtum explorer I see my coins received on this address (first transaction at this address ever)

    BUT then, qtum-cli getwalletinfo keeps telling me my balance is 0.00....

    What do I do wrong ? How can I know my qtum is connected to nodes / keeps being sync ?
    I think that this is just a synchronisation problem.

    Do someone knows what I'm missing ?
    Thank you in advance.

    Overall, I would suggest improving a lot documentation. Right now there is very very few good documentation for tools as qtumd, qtum-cli..etc.

    I just wanted to restart daemon and .... impossible to find how. qtumd --help is not straighforward, and it seems there is no official documentation maintained by team (only short tutorial on github/web that don't dive deep in explanations).

  • I solved by itself.
    I think it's because wallet was still synchronizing. And because I was using command-line only (not qtum-qt), I was seeing no indication that it was the case.

    I somebody has the same issue...just be patient (I checked 24h after it was ok).

  • Sorry for the belated reply.

    These commands are useful:
    help - lists all the commands and parameters
    getconnectioncount - lists the number of peer connections, 8 is good.
    getblockcount - list the block height for the local blockchain

    You can compare the result from getblockcount with an Explorer latest block to see when your wallet is synced, there are probably other commands/ways to check this. Don't use "getinfo" because it is going away.

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