QbaoNetwork Weekly Announcement (6th June)

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    Development progress

    QbaoNetwork v3.2 Optimization

    Balance display optimized;

    Operation optimized.

    QbaoNetwork v3.3

    Default avatar optimized;

    Lock function released (asset Lock in) to better users’ assets management with lower risk;

    Balance display and hide.

    Marketing and Operation

    QbaoNetwork is invited to join Conference on Ethereum Technology and Application 2018

    2.100 thousand Qbao Network(QBT) giveaway on Gate.io

    Welcome to trade QBT on gateio.io. We are going to give away 100,000 in the following activities:

    Check out newest Qbao Airdrops: (QBT) trading competition will kick off on June 6! announcement:http://gate.io/article/16495 . Follow @gate_io &joinQbao’s telegram:https://t.me/QbaofoundationEn retweet&complete :http://cn.mikecrm.com/rHwuBTd beforeUTC23:59June10 toGetRandomAmount of10,000QBT.

    And Join Qbao Auto Airdrop Group On QbaoNetwork App To Claim More Bonuses!!!!

    3.The 4th Big Chen Talks (Big Chen’s Blockchain Lecture) will be hold on 9th June Shanghai

    Along with the end of the 3rd Big Chen Talks, the new season is coming with several founders and CEO of some main stream crypto wallet dapps.

    If you are curious about the future functions of crypto wallet, follow Qbao official channels to participate Big Chen Talks event.

    4.QbaoNetwork CEO ChenLin interviewed by cointime.com

    5.Qbao WeChat communities are now re-open to the public

    Qbao has officially re-opened its WeChat communities since last week. Users can now learn the first-hand news from QbaoNetwork official WeChat communities.

    6.Following by the re-open of WeChat communities, Qbao telegram airdrop invitation event is coming soon, please follow Qbao official channels to learn more news.

    7.All 200 beta test user list is published, please check the instruction email to participate the newest closed test.