Qbag POS & Lock function preview

  • Qbag POS & Lock function preview

    This article is an instruction for the coming function of POS and Lock on Qbag before the formal release.

    QbaoNetwork users can keep Qtum in Qbag, and all the amount of Qtum balance will be used to participate Qtum POS to maximize the return from POS system and allow users with a small amount of qtum to benefit from getting the POS interest.

    The interest rate of Qbag POS will will be determined by the Network weight of Qtum, and Qbao will not make a profit, all of the revenue will be distribute to the users.

    In addition, Qbao will release QBT financial products.

    QbaoNetwork users can keep their QBT in Qbag and “Lock” the asset for a certain amount of time to get more QBT and other tokens.

    The interest of QBT is paid by the Qbao Foundation, and it is Qbao’s primary aim to compensate the long term QBT holders.

    Qbao will launch more tech products and services in the future, as always, thank you for your trust and support.

  • Thanks for this information.

  • @jb395 you are always welcome Jackson~ btw i hope the groups function can be released for dapps as well

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