Hacienda Beans (Smart Device App) - Business developement and project execution

  • Hacienda Beans (Mobile App) - Would like to discuss working with QTUM

    Myself (Ivan Mlacak) and co-founders with attached venture team are looking at ways toward execution of a smart phone loyalty program app. That will combine a visa debit card with a smart device and application (showing loyalty rewards) and give the user a spontaneous opportunity to spend their loyalty points anywhere anytime thru the visa network.

    Hacienda Beans is the 1st of 4 part business application development.

    Please keep an eye out on www.haciendabeans.io and www.haciendabeans.com

    Can be looked up on twitter and Linkedin.....updates will get more detailed and prolific over the next couple of months.

    ICO's will be planed in the future for each of the 4 entities created

    Look forward to continuing discussions

  • Anyone can deploy a smart contract on the Qtum network and use with a distributed application. See developer documentation at https://book.qtum.org/en/

  • @jb395 Thank jb....I understand the concept that anyone can deploy a smart contract. I may wish too. But not at this stage. What I am looking for discussions towards a development team. The concept of creating a token security for purchase and sale has only a very minimal part of the app or distributed application. My concept involves the possible development of a private blockchain requirement to work side by side. What is your background? and what involvement to you have in development and architecture planning?

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